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This web site contains swimming & diving, synchronized swimming, water polo clipart in various colors adaptable to team or club color schemes. 

The swimming graphics, art and designs on this web site are copyrighted and not public domain. Removal of the Copyright Notice from the graphics is prohibited per Copyright Law-Chapter 5. 

You can not copy, trace or modify any of the swimming graphics, art and designs that are found in the SwimGraphics.com web site. The graphics can be used for aquatic related web sites and newsletters, flyers and personal sites with the stipulation that a link or reference that the graphics are from the SwimGraphics.com web site.

The swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo graphics, art and designs are created for presentation purposes and are not meant to be construed or taken to represent proper technique.

The graphics are presented for the promotion of the sport. Please read the Terms of Use page before downloading graphics from this web site. A link or reference is required and appreciated if you use any of the graphics from this web site.

SwimGraphics.com also features Diving, Synchronized Swimming and Water Polo clipart, logos in various colors including black and white. Click on the below logos or text link to view images for respective sport.

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